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Amazon Brand Registry

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon gives you admittance to instruments that empower you to address your image and report an infringement right away. It further offers brand optimization that proactively help in reaching out the customers and assisting their needs. With advanced analytics tools you can report violations and share information that help prevent violations

Bulk ASIN Search

You get a rundown of ASINs or item URLs to investigate and report. Brand Registry furnishes you with basic and directed work processes. It presents a report of potential encroachment that we can audit and make a fitting move on.

Accurate Brand Representation

With Amazon Brand Registry, you get utmost authority over Amazon item pages that includes your images, name, and description. So, the clients are bound to see the right data related to your business.

Additional Proactive Brands Protections

The platform provides with standard proactive measures to secure clients. Brand Registry utilizes the data you give about your image to carry out extra prescient insurances. They then, at that point endeavor to recognize and eliminate possibly destructive listings. The more you educate us in Brand Registry concerning your business and its licensed innovation, the more we can assist you with securing your image. For example:

  • ● Item postings that aren’t for your image and incorrectly utilizing your reserved terms in their titles.
  • ● Images containing your logo under products that don’t carry your brand name.
  • ● Dealers delivering items from nations in which you don’t make or convey your image.
  • ● Product postings made with your image name when you have recorded your whole item index on Amazon.

Powerful Search and Report Tools

Simplify the process of finding cases of potential infringements with our custom features designed specifically for brands onboard.

Global Search

Search products on Amazon among the global stores with the same screen without putting any extra effort.

Image Search

Discover item postings on Amazon that match your product(s) or logo(s) using similar pictures.

Brand-Building Benefits

Construct and develop your business on Amazon. With advanced tools and features like Enhanced Brand Content, Stores, Sponsored Brands, and the Brand Dashboard, you can cross milestones. Learn more about benefits by visiting Amazon Services.

Amazon Brand Registry Support

Our global team is available for any query you have. Reach out to us in our respective timings 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Please Note:

Service Charges vary from case to case and your application status with USPTO.